La Aventura Original (IDAC)



La Aventura Original is a Remake of Aventuras AD's La Aventura

Original for PC (Windows, Linux & Mac). Developed in JAVA includes

these changes from the Original Atari ST Version:


    - The two parts are now only one.

    - The Great Cavern exterior map has been slightly modified.

    - All the labyrinths have been modified. 

    - The inventory is now larger.

    - The snake venom will kill you inmediately now.

    - The torch battery will run out when entering specific locations.

    - The battery recharging puzzle have been made easier.

    - Certain situations than made impossible to finish the game have

been modified. 

    - The Maluva Dwarf comes out in less locations, and less


    - Images have been added to every location without one.